Engagement party photography/ Engagement party at Newark

Ali and Homayoon had a big engagement party in Newark at http://mehrannewark.com/

I always love photographing parties and weddings with rich cultural flavor.  I am originally from Japan and being in the States sometimes feels plain and flat for me.  So I really enjoy and appreciate the experience and opportunity to meet people from a country with such a depth and history, and being a part of their special day.

wedding photo-1 wedding photo-2 wedding photo-3 wedding photo-4 wedding photo-5 wedding photo-6 wedding photo-7 wedding photo-8 wedding photo-9 wedding photo-10 wedding photo-11 wedding photo-12 wedding photo-13 wedding photo-14 wedding photo-15 wedding photo-17 wedding photo-18 wedding photo-19 wedding photo-20 wedding photo-21

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