San Francisco City Hall Wedding/ Susana & Jerry’s wedding photography

I was back again to this amazing wedding site the San Francisco City Hall to photograph Susana & Jerry’s beautiful wedding by the huge Christmas tree.  There were the new moon and winter solstice before their wedding, and it was the great new beginning.  Congratulation Susana & Jerry!

Wedding photography at Masonic Center in San Jose

John and Betty was married at Masonic Center in San Jose.  Both John and Betty got emotional cried tears of joy, and I felt the deep connection between them. I loved the way they were so playful to each other and enjoy photographing their wedding.  Congratulation John and Betty!

Colorful Wedding photography/ Wedding photography in South Bay

Ashika and Rumit had a gorgeous Indian style wedding.  It is the one of my favorite wedding style to photograph, because they are so colorful, emotional and so rich.  I always think the wedding tells us a lot about our culture and history, also am intrigued by its depth and meaning of marriage.