Family Portrait/Family photo

I always love having family portrait session with small kids. I love how each of the kids have different character and reaction. And they are just so adorable.

Family portrait/ Kids portrait at a park

Nice Sunday afternoon, we went to a park in Foster City and had a family portrait session. Grand pa and Gram ma joined to us and it was like a small family picnic.

Recent Portrait and headshot photography collection

We specialize in wedding photography, and that is the most exciting photography session for me, though we do a lot of portrait and headshot session as well.  When I used to live in Los Angeles, most of the head shots are for emerging models or actors/ and actresses.  But in this south bay area, I…

Family portrait/ Family photo in San Jose/kids portrait

Being used to playing with kids, I enjoy photographing small kids.  I just love being around them spending time with them, and mesmerized by their charm.  Sometimes it is challenging that they are not so found of taking direction and staying still for posing. Though they are natural as that is what they are, and I feel priceless…

Family portrait/ Family portrait in Vasona Park/ Family photo

Sarah came to our studio last year and again came back to have family portrait session this year. This time we went to Vasona park in Saratoga where all the leaves turn yellow and orange, creating beautiful autumn atmosphere.  Sarah’s family looks as photogenic as always and it was very nice to see her cutest daughter to grow up to be…

Family Poartrait/ Portrait photography

Radhika’s Family gathered from all over the world for Indian Christmas.  I felt the warmth and love of the family during the session and was happy to be a part of it, although it was only just an hour.