Baby shower photography

  It is always joyful and exciting for mom and dad to be to have a baby shower where all the close friends and family gathered to celebrate them.  I am looking forward to meeting their baby in the future!  

Sweet 16/ Egyptian Museum

  What a beautiful girl she was to photograph.  And the Egyptian Museum in San Jose was the perfect location for her with her gorgeous red dress.

Baby shower at Amber India/ Baby shower photo in Los Altos

It was at the nice Indian restaurant In Los Altos called Amber Indian ( ) with great food.  And Tanvi had fun games ready for the guests to enjoy her happy baby shower party. They did not know the gender of the baby yet and there were a lot of question marks displayed at the…

A cute cowboy’s birthday party

I always love a themed party, and it was the Western Cowboy themed birthday party this time. There were cowboy hats, donkeys, yummy foods, and so on.  All the kids who were invited there were excited to go around their huge back yard with the donkeys.  And they had fun getting candy from the pinata,…

Symphony hall / Event photography in San Francisco

I always love shooting Trendy Lime’s event. Their events are always upscale and have a theme that is sophisticated and tasteful. This time, it was San Francisco Symphony present “Don Juan” private reception. All the guests were supposed to dress in red to match the Symphony’s theme.  And there were some lucky guests who won a prize….

Event photography

It was a healing event that was created by a master in Taiwan. He is like a master of Chi Gong and he thought audience simple movements to increase body’s  natural healing ability. There are also beautiful performance and was a great event.

Birthday Party Photography

Their birthday party was a fun safari theme, and very well prepared and nicely decorated. When I first photographed their baby shower event, the adorable birthday boy who turned one this year was still inside her mom. Sometimes, it is just amazing how time passes in a blink of an eye. I hope I will…

Baby Shower photography

It was one of the biggest baby shower I photographed. Most of the family member and relatives were there to celebrate Ranah and Rich’s baby shower. All the DIY decoration were cute and they played a lot of fun games.

Event photography in San Jose/ Event to support presidential campaign

Dr. Tsai Ing-Wen came to Northern California from Taiwan, and Northern California Friends of Tsai Association had an event in San Jose to support her campaign for the President of Taiwan in 2016. We are there to photograph the event and had our photo booth set up to raise some donation for her campaign. There…

Kid’s Birthday photo/ Event photography

There were so many heroes in the house and the Luke skywalker and darth vader! It was such a fun party not only for the kids but also the adults.  Happy birthday superman!

Birthday Party photo/ Event photography

Vida had her 60 years old birthday party with the people who loves her so much.  Some of the guests were her high school friends who came all the way from other states to celebrate her birthday.  It is such a rich life to have many close friends who care about you so much and…